Tures Tourism Planning and Restoration company was established by Dr.Mehmet Alper in 1987 and recently celebrated its 25th year anniversary. The practice has gained solid reputation for successfully completing more than 500 architectural,restoration and renovation projects, ranging across a spectrum of function,form and scale.

The practice offers a full range of services including Master Planning, Building Design and Application Projects , Building Survey, Reassembling, Restoration and Reconstruction projects and specialist services such as consultancy in legal procedures applied by conservation boards and municipalities.

Working in these disciplines, we are able to provide design expertise to any scale and type of the projects, ranging from old historical monumental buildings through to high rise complex modern architectural buildings and small detailed work.

Tures architects and designers encourage design as a collaborative process in which design excellence and dialogue develop appropriate, optimum and unique solutions to each project requirement. The practice is structured on the principle that specialist knowledge and support is readily available from one office to another ensuring maximum benefit to the client irrespective of what scale and function.


Assoc.Prof. Mehmet Alper
Dr.Mehmet Alper has held his BSc.Arch. in 1976, his MSc.Arch. in 1979 in Survey and Restoration from Yildiz Technical University; and his doctorate at Istanbul Technical University with his work about “Spacial Structure of Urfa and its importance in Islamic architecture.

Mr. Alper has worked between 1977 and 1980 in the Office for Tourism Investments at the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and worked as a research assistant at the Yildiz Technical University. In 1987, he found Tures Ltd and works with his team in design, preservation and restoration. He contributes to the teaching program in Preservation in the Beatiful Arts Faculty, Kadir Has University. Last but not least, he has various papers in preservation and restoration.

Dr. Alper is member of Europa Nostra and Cultural Awareness Foundation.

Dipl.Eng. Inci Yalcinoz
After graduation in 1986 from Istanbul Technical University, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Inci Yalcinoz has worked as the software programmer in Northern Telecom, Istanbul, in 1988 as the project leader in IBM,Turkey. Between years 1989-1996 she has worked as the senior programmer contractor in SEL Alcatel, Stuttgart. In 1997 she has worked as the sales manager in Logo,Istanbul. She was the partner of the company Mor Yazilim and developed software projects for Alcatel Bell Labs, Belgium till 2001. In 2001, she has found her own company Iris Software and Consulting. In year 2002 she has been selected as the Woman Enterpreneur of the year by Dunya Newspaper for the decoration portal she has developed and online mapping tool developed for furniture and home textile sector. Since 2012 she is the manager of Tures. She is also running her own company Iris Software..
MSc.Arch. Birsu Ataselim
MSc.Arch. Mehmet Nurel
BSc.Arch Murat Buyukkol
BSc.Arch. Ozlem Orhan
Phd.Arch. Altug Sarıyar
BSc.Arch. Derya Tana
MSc.Arch. Digdem Erdogan
BSc.Arch. Tolga Altinisik
BSc. Arch. Armagan Sonmez
MSc.Arch. Can Sozbir
BSc. Arch. Derya Ekici
BSc.Arch Inci Arslan
Bsc.Arch. Duygu Senol
MSc.Arch Meftun Kocaboy
Secretary Safiye Erkoç
M.Archivist and Librarian Zuleyha Yordem
Technician Nuceylan Kara
Technician Ozge Baysal
Technician Ufuk Can Dinlerer